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Opening up to loved ones when my self-esteem is low

By: Chloe Babauta For the past few months (tbh many years) I’ve been feeling really shitty about myself, and as a result, I’ve been pulling away from the people I … Continue readingOpening up to loved ones when my self-esteem is low

Kamuti Mac n’ Cheese

by Franceska De Oro For the last month, I was on a super strict anti-inflammatory, liver-cooling, thyroid balancing, plant-based diet to try and heal my skin. This meant giving up … Continue readingKamuti Mac n’ Cheese

Dear Brown Women

By: Starlet Cruz, Maga’håga Rising contributor Forget the liesLook deep into your eyesAnd recognizeThe beauty you thought you could hide Forget what you were toldWe are not dirt. We are … Continue readingDear Brown Women