About Us


Over the past few years, we’ve watched so many young women from Micronesia excel, and have been doing work that inspires us.

We realized millennial Micronesian women don’t have an outlet where we can share stories, art, and other creations for us and by us.

This movement is about creating a space where we can all thrive and share, and are celebrated.

Through this platform, we aim to share stories, advice, artwork, and healing. This could be through written pieces, poetry, prose, music, photography, podcasts, fashion, graphic design, and any other creative or otherwise inspiring endeavors.

Although Maga’håga Rising is women-focused, we want it to be an inclusive space for all people, of any ethnicity, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

In the future, we’d love to host community events, including workshops, hikes, pop-ups in collaboration with local businesses, and more.

Think of Maga’håga Rising as a fun space to read interesting things, like a community Tumblr moodboard.

For now we’re Guam-based, but are looking to create connections across the world.

We’re also about celebrating activism. We want to make connections with indigenous and native causes globally; while also protecting our land, resources, culture, people, and language.

We’d love to feature local writers, artists, and community members! If you have ideas for submissions, please contact us at magahaga.rising@gmail.com.

Si yu’os ma’åse’,

Franceska & Chloe