Kåna Yoga Week 1


By Gilayna Santos and Franceska De Oro

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This week your challenge is to find ways to embody Minaolek’ yan Ginasgas. The pose we will explore is a twisted lunge. This posture will help to open the hips, activate the legs and the core, as well as wring out the body helping to cleanse the digestive system.

Yoga Sequence

Note: It is important to stay connected to the breath while practicing Asana (postures) as it is one of the only ways we can communicate with our autonomic nervous system. See the below links for further reading.
From the perspective of Yoga
And if you like to get a little bit more wordy about things 🙂

1. Down -Dog


Option to keep a generous bend in the knees as you plug into your shoulder sockets pushing down through the palm of your hands making space for your spine to elongate. Push your tailbone up and back and try to draw your lower belly to the tops of the thighs. It might feel good to ‘walk your dog’ or straighten one knee after the other. Heels do not have to be on the ground. Those who are just starting practice often keep a bend in the knees and heels off the ground.

2. Three-legged Dog


Inhale and send the left heel up into the air while squaring the toes towards the ground. Keep breathing, while you evenly distribute your weight between your hands and right foot.

3. Low Lunge



Bend the left knee towards the chest

Waive forward and place the left foot down in between the palms.

You might have to place the right knee down and walk the left foot to where it needs to go. That’s ok!

4. Half-Splits


Inhale lift up through the heart and find a straight spine from tailbone to crown, exhale send the hips back closer to the right ankle as you straighten the left leg.

Inhale lift up again, and exhale, fold over the left leg.

A bend in the knee is great for those with tight hamstrings.

5. Crescent Lunge

crescentlungeOption to keep the knee on the ground or tuck the right toes under the ankle and lift the knee up, activating kåna through the back heel- keep those legs strong!

4. Twist


Inhale and send the left hand behind you over your right heel and feel the energy through your fingers, opening up the chest and squaring your shoulders.

5. Optional Variation


Knee up, prayer hands twist

Imagine you are sending the center of our chest towards your thumbs


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  1. Thanks for sharing this because I learned and helped me a lot. I hope this or something like this can help someone else as much as it has helped me .

  2. Ginasgas in my language is Kalinisan. I appreciate that you wrote about this because many people in world are forgetting to be clean in mind and surroundings. it helps us by following these values and avoiding sins.

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