Kåna Yoga Week 2


By Gilayna Santos, Kat Barnett, and Franceska De Oro

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Additional Simiya Tinilaika option:

Reminder that the goal in the postures is to simply observe your body, your feelings, and thoughts free of judgment or opinions.  Considering our definition of ultimate truth and embodying Minagahet yan taiminalago’,  the main posture we are exploring is Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana II, which  Like its name, requires a strong demeanor of a warrior who is strongly familiar with both truth and contentment.  Moving through this sequence lead by Kat, root down through the arches of the feet, activate the legs, fire up the core and try to feel your kåna through your hands.  Engosa fan i praktika-miyu 🙂

Yoga Sequence

Peak posture: Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana II flow with kåna

  1. Warrior 2

    LRM_EXPORT_20190310_070220 Start in a wide stance position with feet spaced wide; toes, hips and shoulders facing the long edge of your mat, if arms were reaching out towards front and back of mat, wrists would be positioned over ankles as in a 5 pointed star. Pivot on your left heel and turn  your left toes towards the front short edge of the mat; right foot stays planted. Bend the left knee and stack it over the left heel; arms reach out wide with the wrists in line with shoulders. Gaze (also known as your ‘dristi’) down the length of the left arm towards the thumb. Keeping the shoulders away from the ears, feel an expansion in the heart center, connect to the breath and find Satya- your truth.
  2. Warrior 2 : hands overhead

    LRM_EXPORT_20190310_070203Straighten the left leg, keeping a slight bend in left knee, and reach your arms overhead, creating a sphere like kåna, in between the palms. Feel the power of kåna beneath your feet and connect to the kåna of the earth. Source kåna from earth and sky. Stand in Santosha; contentment.
  3. Warrior 2 hands to heart center

    LRM_EXPORT_20190310_070217 After one breath, find yourself back in your warrior with arms out wide inviting back the bend in the left knee.  Then again straighten the left leg. This time take hands towards heart center and again feel the power and energy here, sharp and focused on inner kåna at the heart’s center. One full breath here to explore how you are responding to the present moment. Repeat this flow for as long as you feel strength from it– one breath in each movement. The energy that is taken from the sky and the earth is brought inward and then set out in the world again, full cycle. Kåna is outwardly directed with focus, intention and purpose. How can you express your kåna, how can you be in service with truth and purpose?
  4. Warrior 2 hugs opposite shoulders (Humble Warrior)

    LRM_EXPORT_20190310_070213From Warrior 2 once more, pause here. Reach your arms around to give yourself a hug, hands to opposite shoulder heads. Take full expansive breaths here, maybe stay a few rounds and again explore the inner kåna and intention of truth. You can stay here OR if you feel strong and steady in your foundation to the earth connection beneath your feet, you can humble our warrior.
  5. Humble WarriorLRM_EXPORT_20190310_070154

    Keeping the left knee bent and anchored over left heel, move with the exhale and forward fold over the left thigh. The right foot may need to heel toe in closer to the left foot an inch or two to safely keep the left knee over the left heel. The option is to move further into the fold with the left shoulder hugging into the inside of the left knee, perhaps directing the crown(top) of your head towards the inner ankle of the left foot. Stay, explore, deepen your breath and see what arises.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Chamorro Values to us! 🙂 I learned that Chamorro Values is more likely the same as Filipino values. Example, Minagahet means ( truthfulness, realness) in Filipino ( katotohanan ). 🙂

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