Kåna Yoga Week 4


By Gilayna Santos, Franceska De Oro, and Kat Barnett

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Online CHamoru lessons courtesy of University of Guam

Yoga Sequence


1.Easy pose – sit with legs crossed or with one shin in-front of the other; you choose.  You can manually move any extra flesh from your bottom so your sit bones (the bony part of your bottom) can sink down into the ground.  There is a slight activation of the core to support your mid body, making it easier to stack your shoulders above the hips. Feel the the shoulder blades draw down the spine and slightly closer together so you can feel an openness in the heart.  Relax your hands on your knees and if you feel comfortable enough, close your eyes so you can draw all of your attention to your breath. Take a few deep breaths– elongating the inhales and exhales; observing the expansion of your belly to make room for the air to enter your lower lungs.  


2. Circle the arms up, hands to heart center- While taking a big inhale flip your palms up and lift them up towards the sky. Your palms should be facing each other above your head- maybe look up at the area in between them.  Bring the palms together, exhale, and draw them down past your eyes, your nose, your lips and stop them right outside your heart. Do at least three more of these movements allowing the breath to lead; the longer and steadier the better.


3. Side bends- On your last circle up, keep your fingers facing up towards the sky, inhale, find length in the spine, then exhale your right hand down to the ground next to your right side. Take another inhale and reach up through your left fingertips, then exhale and reach the left fingers over your head, moving into a side body stretch.  Send your left hip down to the ground as your reach over to the right. Stay for a few breaths. Inhale both hands up through the center before doing the other side.

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4. Seated cat/cow-  With both hands on your knees- palms down, pull on your knees, breathe in, push your belly forward, send your heart forward and send the the shoulders and tailbone back.  Extend the front end of your spine. Exhale, pull the belly in towards the spine, hunch the shoulders forward and tuck the tailbone, curving the spine the opposite way. Move back and forth between this spinal extension and flexion using the breath.  

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5. Twists-  start with your left hand on your right knee, and your right hand on the ground behind you.  Take an inhale, ground the sit bones down and lift up the heart. As you exhale, twist your shoulders toward the right maybe turning your head to peek over your right shoulder.  Stay for a few breaths continuing to find length in the spine with your inhale and a deeper twist with your exhale. When done, do the other side.

IMG_0263.jpg6. Easy pose + 5 minute meditation-  you can end your flow back in easy pose and take a few extra minutes practicing an observance of your breath.  You can pick a song to listen to or find a guided meditation online if that helps too.

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