Manmaga’håga Playlist

Happy February everyone! It’s the month of love, thanks to Valentine’s Day and all that, but we decided to dedicate this month to the theme of self-love instead.  I made this playlist to inspire myself to write and stay on my shit which is my personal self-love tactic. 

I was inspired by the strong famalao’an energy at our launch and chose some of my favorite strong female voices at the moment to commemorate it and keep that kåhna (spiritual energy) going. Listening to voices that speak to us in an uplifting way is so important. Music is powerful.

Indulge in the voices of African & African American women, Latinx women, Jamaican women, Pasfika women, Filipinx women, even Chammoritas 🙂

Disclaimer: I couldn’t stick to a genre or a vibe, sorry haha


Listen to the playlist here:

Manmaga’håga Playlist


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  1. Do you have any pointers for creating write-ups?
    That’s where I always struggle and also I simply wind up gazing empty screen for
    very long time.

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