Dear Brown Women

By Starlet Cruz, Maga’håga Rising contributor
Originally published May 22, 2019
Forget the lies
Look deep into your eyes
And recognize
The beauty you thought you could hide
Forget what you were told
We are not dirt. We are the Earth
We were birthed
by the sun

Brown tells the stories of the women before us
We hold these stories in our skin
What we have overcome
Where we have been
Why did we ever accept shame
When we are every grain of sand
That waves visit the shore to kiss
When we are the home to our favorite fruits
We are the Earth
But we are also the roots
Forget what you were told
And remember this
A brown woman
Starlet Cruz is 19 years old and was born and raised in southern Guam. 
She is a college student and an aspiring Chamoru and History teacher.
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