Maga’håga Rising launch party

Originally published in January 2019

Excerpts from our Insta-reflections, on our launch party held on Sunday, January 13, 2019:

I’m still processing our launch, the whole thing was so unreal. Sundays was packed before we even started the event and there was this intense energy in the air. Being surrounded by so many creative talented people and so much love and support in one room was overwhelming. One of the happiest days of my life! Thank you for everyone who came to our launch yesterday!! This is what inafa’maolek feels like — supporting each other and all succeeding together. We’re so excited for the rest of 2019!

I am still overwhelmed and overflowing with gratitude because of yesterday. We filled Sunday’s to the max the entire length of our event – the launch of Maga’håga Rising. The energy was intense, magic, and so exciting to be surrounded by! It felt amazing to know that something Chloe and I started as passion project is growing into something so wonderful, and to be embraced by so many in our community was the mansanita on top. We were able to raise $1,000 for one of the best women-run and youth serving local organizations, Island Girl Power with this project as well! We loved seeing all our friends and small business owners do well yesterday too. It feels like inafa’maolek truly does run everything around me. Becoming a maga’håga means putting our community at the forefront of what we do, and to do things that align with the wellbeing of our people and our island. Yesterday felt like a beautiful first step into that journey, and I can’t wait to see where this chalan takes us! 
– Ceska

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