Famalao’an feature: Natasia Basa

Originally published August 8, 2019

When we created this website, we wanted it to be an online zine where we feature work by Chamoru and other Pacific Islander women, and create connections from around the world.

Today we’re featuring maker and graphic designer Natasia Basa.

Natasia Basa is a Chamorrita from Saipan, who now lives in North Carolina. She makes home goods and crafts designed with Chamoru words, including welcome mats, greeting cards, and decals.

Natasia was inspired by Maga’håga Rising’s “The Future is Famalao’an” design, and created a graphic design for “The Future is Famagu’on” (children).

“The inspiration started as a love for stationary goods and brush lettering,” Natasia said. “I taught myself how, but started making them to give cards to my family. I made one for my mom in Chamorro and she told me to try selling it.”

You can purchase Natasia’s crafts on her Etsy shop. Follow her on Instagram @mermaiidjane.

If you know someone we should feature, or if you’d like to submit your original writing, art, or poetry to be featured — email us at magahaga.rising@gmail.com.

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